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"I found that the services provided by New Horizon went above and beyond my expectations. Neha listened to my needs and showed me several properties that almost always met my requirements.

Finally, we narrowed the search and we selected a property.  Neha took me to view the property several times for measurements and, was also a great asset when it came to negotiations with the landlord/maintenance etc.

Neha made some great recommendations for suppliers of light fittings, curtains etc and even took the time to take me to their shops.

New Horizon even offered to take me on an orientation of Gurgaon highlighting supermarkets, hospitals and shopping malls which made my transition to my new home all the more successful. 

Many thanks to Neha and the team at New Horizon. (And i mean every word!! : ) Thanks Neha."

- By Alison Clews

Concerning our moving to New Delhi,
I would like to say a big thank you to the whole team. The whole team did and is still doing a great job!

A special thank you to Vandana Chadha, Payal Mehra and Avinash. All of you worked very professional and very friendly. It was for us a perfect support from your side and it made our start in Delhi much easier. You informed me and my spouse friendly at all times, very professional and always on time.

During our look see trip we had a perfect assistance and support from Vandana Chadha.
To get FRRO, Visa Extension, driving license etc., we never had any problems, it was and is always a perfect organized service.

I and my family have been absolutely satisfied with New Horizon Relocation Private Limited.
We are glad to have you!

- By Torsten Mueller
Manager Logistics, Purchasing Office India
BMW India Private Limited

I am very much indebted to New Horizon who assisted me, a non-Indian, from the day I arrived in Gurgaon. They have very friendly and efficient staff who helped me in obtaining PAN card, FRRO related work and all relocation related work, such as accommodation, obtaining Residential Permit, Stay Visa, Renewal of Visa, etc.

As a foreigner, without the assistance of an organization like New Horizon, I would have gone through enormous difficulties and frustration during my stay in India. I would highly recommend New Horizon to anyone who comes to India for employment (foreigners as well as NRIs). Pleasant-mannered Ms. Payal Mehra helped me and my wife at many occasions where I was able to save time and avoid waiting in long line-ups since she was quite familiar with the specific requirements of all governmental departments.

- By Saly Razik, Design Manager
Hill International Project Management (I) Pvt Ltd

I felt I must write to thank you and your team for the superb service that you have provided to me during my Secondment in Gurgaon.

Right from the start you made me feel at ease and helped me adjust to the Indian way of life.  Searching for an apartment was a pleasure as you were able to focus in on my exact needs and only showed me what I would be interested in.

In addition to the home search, being shown around the local area and the Shopping Malls made a huge difference and enabled me to gain an understanding of what was available and where.

I will not hesitate to recommend your services, you have been fantastic.

- By Mike Thompson
Vice President
The Royal Bank of Scotland

Many thanks for your ongoing support. Seeing you again reminded me of the transition we made across to India a year ago now and the couple of months afterwards where your help was really invaluable. Knowing that we had someone as reliable as you to call upon certainly helped us enormously.

- By Daniel Bowes
Group Manufacturing Operations India
The Royal Bank of Scotland

Just to update you; I had a great trip and am feeling very positive, and much more informed about my move to India.  I am delighted to have found an apartment which 'ticked all my boxes'!  Neha was fantastic - really informative and supportive throughout my visit and very patient during my decision making process.  I cannot thank her enough for all the assistance she provided.

- By Emily Imeson
Marks and Spencer

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