Destination India Services  
     Destination India Services
Destination India Services
  India as a Destination for expatriates means excitement as well as apprehensions. The purpose of our Destination India Services is to make the move as practical and easy as possible. Doing business effectively in India requires a deep understanding of the culture & the socio economic environment. In this very challenging and dynamic country, matching the goals and expectation of the corporation, the individual and the family is a very daunting task- and we specialize in making this achievable by smoothening the relocation process. We assist in making the ‘seemingly overwhelming’ transition & adjustment to a place like India, so diverse and different from the rest of the world, - SIMPLE. The key to successful relocation is the support provided to the employee and the family before, during and after their move. The smoother this relocation is, the faster a family settles, and sooner are the desired levels of productivity reached.

The purpose of this service is to give the assignee an overview of life in a foreign destination before relocating. This will help in making informed decisions regarding life in the host country to be.


To establish contact with the assignee prior to the commencement of the trip and get the Client’s profile and assess the needs.

On arrival: Present the client with a welcome packet containing:

  • Detailed Information Manual on India with important contacts
  • The Look See Trip program
  • City Map highlighting the places to be visited during the Look see program
  • Tour of Residential Districts
  • Listings of housing options if included in the customized look see program.

The 1 or 2 day customized Orientation program may cover:

  • City Orientation& Schooling Options
  • Advise on Living and Housing.
  • Advise on Spouse Survival
  • Introduction to medical, Recreational and Health Club Facilities
  • Survival and leisure shopping
  • Visit to an expatriate home
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