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Medical Tips

helpful tips

  • Before traveling to India it is advisable to get a medical checkup and consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations about 3-4 weeks before your trip.

  • Carry any essential medication that you are in the habit of using.
Travel Tips
  • It is advisable not to hire cars or vehicles from unauthorized personnel or travel operators. Most of the Airports and Railway stations have pre paid counters for Taxis.

  • Only travel with authorized guides and do not get tricked by conmen.

  • For those who have a visa permit for more than 180 days must acquire a Registration certificate and a residential permit. Four passport size photographs need to be furnished at the time of registration. It is also good to carry photocopies of passport, visa pages and your photographs.
Food Related Tips
  • It is advisable to drink bottled water or packaged drinking water while in India. Check that the seals are intact and if the label bears a popular brand name.

  • Avoid cut fruits and salads since they have high levels of contamination. Go for unpeeled fruits, as they are the safest. It is recommended to wash the fruits before.

  • Care should be taken while having sea food. If you want to have non-vegetarian food, go to a decent restaurant that locals may recommend

  • It is advisable that you stick to vegetarian cuisine in India. If you do want to try out non-vegetarian dishes, go to a recognized restaurants instead of small restaurants.
Others tips
  • Electricity in India is 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. In case the devices you are carrying do not accept 240 volts at 50 hertz, you will be required to carry a voltage converter. India uses different types of plugs unlike the ones used in western countries. The plugs are usually the round pin type instead of the flat pin plug. It advisable that you carry a combination plug adapter that is available very easily in most electrical shops.

  • Beware of the over friendly stranger who approaches you and strikes a conversation. If they offer you something to eat or drink, politely decline the offer.

  • The Indian Government recognizes international driver' license (IDL) and it is mandatory to produce your license if a cop asks. But it is advisable to have an Indian license made if you want to drive here.

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