New Horizon  
     Quality Policy


It is our company policy to strive at all times for the satisfaction of our customers, and achieve a quality of service, that surpasses our client’s needs and expectations. We are therefore, committed to maintaining and implementing a quality management system, which will serve as a benchmark for performance management, our impetus for excellence in execution, and a basis for guiding our decision-making.
The primary goal of this policy is to ensure that “we perform our tasks right the first time”. This will be achieved through clearly defining, communicating, understanding and complying with our customer requirements.


  • Ensure that client’s requirements are correctly identified and met in accordance with the quality policy
  • This policy is communicated, understood and observed at all levels of the organization
  • Potential risks of failing to achieve objectives are recognized and appropriate quality measures are followed
  •  Quality of service, and level of client satisfaction, are regularly monitored for continual improvement

It will be the duty of all employees to abide and adhere to this policy. Quality policy shall be regularly reviewed in management meetings and will be issued to all new employees and sub-contractors.

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